Internet Safety Information

Business internet safety should be a top concern for any company that allows their employees access to the Internet. Business internet safety is more than just installing a firewall to protect your business network. The right combination of hardware, software and educating your employees will provide your business with a safe internet environment.

Do Not Download/Install "Free" Software, Music or Ebooks

The old saying that "Nothing in life is free" is true on the internet too. As businesses try to cut costs, save money and operate more efficiently, they tend to look for bargains when it comes to software. But, just like you, everyone is out to make a buck. Yes, there are some very good "free" programs, but ask yourself, "How is somebody making money off of giving this software away?" Adobe gives away their Adobe Reader program, but they sell Acrobat that creates the files that you download. AVG gives away a very good antivirus program in the hopes that you will upgrade and buy their more advanced program.

Avoid Believing the Big Three Safety Myths

  1. Firefox is Safer Than Internet Explorer

    All browsers are programs that display data and run code from websites. Therefore, all browsers are equally at risk. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is always being patched because of security holes. Firefox is no different and Firefox Add-ons can contain malware just as easy as any other browser.

  2. Only Porn and Gambling Sites Are Dangerous

    It goes without saying that these site should not be allowed into your business, but to believe that these are the only type of sites that can harm your business is totally untrue. In fact one of the fastest growing sites on the web is the socially networking site Facebook. This site is known for its lax security methods and at the same time businesses are starting to use it as a marketing and customer communication tool.

  3. The "Lock" Icon Means You're Safe

    The Lock icon only indicates that data that is being transmitted between you and the website you are visiting is encrypted. It does not indicate that the site is a safe. In fact the complete opposite is true because any internet security products will not be able to tell what is being transmitted since it is encrypted. For example, if the website is loading some sort of malware on to your computer, it will be encrypted and will fly right past any protection mechanism installed on your network.